2015 US Open — Recap

Amazing finish.  Several great charges — none better than Oosthuizen.  DJ had several opportunities to close it out and he didn’t.  Then the putter let him down and the rest is history.  Spieth won with less than his A game — that is a very scary thought for 99% of the guys on tour. We also finished strong (3-0 Saturday and 2-0 today) but ended the tournament with some overall disappointment (down 2.6 units).… Read More »

2015 US Open — Final Round

An exciting Saturday at Chambers Bay.  If you were watching along at home, you’d know Jason Day is suffering from Benign Positional Vertigo.  You also know that Greg Norman is a medical expert except he has trouble pronouncing complicated scientific words like “otolith.”  Hey Greg, next time you’re perusing WebMD for information see if you can find a cure for choking. We also learned that designing sweaters with pictures of the… Read More »

2015 US Open — Round 3

Friday was a wash.  1-1-1 on the day.  Should have been better but Jimmy Walker opened a big bag of suck down the stretch as he threw away a solid lead over ZJ by finishing +4 on his last three holes.  Dy-no-mite Jimmy. Half of the tournament bets are dead.  Sergio three-putted his last hole right to the other side of the cut line and we’re looking to Dustin Johnson… Read More »

2015 US Open — Round 2

This course sucks  The greens suck (if there is any doubt, see Sergio’s Twitter feed).  Tiger sucks, but apparently not as much as Fowler.  (I guess there really wasn’t value in Tiger at +5,000.)  I can write that one off now.  Good news is that it was only a quarter unit. Day one got us off to a slow start.  1-2 on the day but there is still life in… Read More »

2015 US Open at Chambers Bay

  I have been bitching all week about the course and the setup.  Elitist traditionalists like me don’t understand the thinking behind a links style (maybe) course for the US Open.  Links courses introduce an element of randomness not found in traditional American golf and if (paraphrasing Sandy Tatum here) the object of the US Open is to identify the best players in the world, why would you introduce additional… Read More »