Betting Bases and the Money Line

If I told you I would give you $110 if you could guess heads or tails on a coin flip but you would owe me $100 if you were wrong you would probably take that bet. Especially if you were able to play it over and over. In one flip of course you might lose but you know over time you will come out a winner. That is the same… Read More »

2016 Masters — (Unhappy) Recap

I’m not sure what to say.  I am still trying to decipher what happened to Spieth on the back nine yesterday.  It is never fun to watch someone beat himself (unless it’s Bubba).  Meanwhile, don’t overlook Danny Willett playing steady golf through three days of awful conditions then going lights out on Sunday and posting 67.  (GOT fans — Danny Willett = Theon Grayjoy?) Kudos to Spieth for hanging in… Read More »

2016 Masters — Final Round

Tough conditions continue to perplex the best in the world.  Wind has made the greens crispy and the usual premium on short game has become even greater.  Meanwhile, the day started with Larry Mize on 59 watch as he opened with 3 birdies in a row.  Someone then reminded him he was Larry Mize (and not the one that beat Greg Norman) and he rejoined us in reality. Meanwhile, Augusta… Read More »

2016 Masters — Round 3

I should be thrilled for an exciting weekend of major championship golf.  Unfortunately, I licking my woulds from today’s action.  We lost our one head-to-head but some surprising collapses killed overall tournament action too.  We’ll tally it all up an the end but suffice it to say that it is time to start digging out of the hole.  It looks like the difficult conditions have confused the books as well… Read More »

2016 Masters — Round 2

What a first day… Spieth comes out an fires 66.  Day on his heels through 15 then an implosion.  Rory making a mini-charge and Ernie had a 14-putt on the first hole.  Seriously, serious respect to anyone that had the 6+ putt and over prop bet.  I forced myself to watch what happened and I can only hope it doesn’t creep into my mind anytime in the next twenty years.… Read More »