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Statsational Week 3 NFL Picks (One time purchase)

By week 3 most people think they know who is a strong team and who is not. But that is still based on perceptions of last season. My power rankings are strictly based on the first two games played. There certainly will be major changes to the list as the weeks go on but you can see how some teams may be very surprising in their placement. Denver is 2-0…...

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CFB Week 4. 9/18 – 9/20 One Time Purchase Only

Non subscribers can get the WEEK 4 college football plays by clicking below to purchase.  Games will be added to the post as the week goes on.  You will have access to every play as they are posted.  Follow on twitter @statsational so you know right away when a game is posted.  In some instances a line may fall into a place we want to take it minutes before kickoff. …...

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MP’s Pigskin Picks – NCAA Football Week 4

We came out of last weekend with a 5-4 mark for our third winning week in a row to start the season. It was quite an eventful Saturday, with two top ten squads being defeated on the road. Georgia’s 35-38 defeat at South Carolina was the most notable game of the day. Dylan Thompson, after struggling through the Gamecocks’ first two contests, gutted Georgia’s defense to the tune of 271… Read More »

MP’s Pigskin Picks – NCAA Football Week 3

Week 2 wasn’t quite the thrilling series of contests we enjoyed in Week 1, but was profitable nonetheless as we finished 5-3 to push the season total to 16-10. The early slate of games began with a resounding victory for the public, with Missouri steamrolling Toledo 49-24. Professionals had bet this number down to +3.5 from its +6 open, and their faith in the Rockets was not rewarded. Missouri was… Read More »

Statsational NFL Week 2 One Time Purchase

Subscribers please use the PICKS tab Following one of the best seasons for favorites we have had in recent memory, the dogs came out on fire winning 10 or 11 depending on your lines. 2005-2006 was a strong year for favorites, better than last season, and the following year the underdogs bounced back for a 144-105 season ATS. Just taking the dogs that year turned out to be a profitable…...

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