2015 Open Championship

Tough week.  Sunday was a strong finish with some nice dogs but after all was said and done, we lost just under 3.5 units for the week.  Paul Casey disappointed with a terrible weekend and a few bad bounces cost us in the early day head-to-heads.  Congratulations to Zach Johnson.  He went lights out to shut down Jordan Spieth’s bid for the Grand Slam and Oosthuizen’s bid for the back-to-back at… Read More »

2015 Open Championship — Final Round

The statistical models are all out the window.  EV means nothing when the average score was 3-under.  I thought I was watching Thursday action at the Bob Hope Desert Classic.  When an easy course has no defenses, we might as well pick names out of a hat.  That’s what w did and we were 1-1-1 on the day for a 0.4 unit gain.  Thanks for the dog bias but the… Read More »

2015 Open Championship — Round 3

I hope you all enjoyed the longest round int he history of golf.  After 28 hours of delay, more delays, a forced Tom Watson tribute and some golf, the R&A has gotten through 36 holes of competition and we are down to the cut.  I hoped to see 36 holes tomorrow but we’re looking at a Monday finish.  We’re also looking at an unusual amount of strange pairings and enormous spreads.… Read More »

The 2015 Open Championship – Round 2

An uninspiring start for us, going 3-3 on the day.  The dogs helped but doubling up on Andy Sullivan hurt.  Down one unit going into two exciting days of awful weather.   Personally, I’m looking forward to the Fowler weekend wardrobe selections.  Just when I thought his hats and orange pants reached the pinnacle of ridiculousness, he busts out a rain suit that looked like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man started… Read More »

2015 Open Championship — Round 1

Weather, as usual, is a hot topic of discussion.  The Old Course is greener than Chambers Bay and it looks to stay that way throughout the week.  We are looking forward to windy afternoons and significant rain if you believe the meteorologists.  Thursday morning portends to be the best scoring opportunity of the tournament and if the Friday afternoon monsoon rolls in as expected, the cut line could make drastic… Read More »