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Statsational NFL Week 7 $39.95

We move in the right direction with a good, almost great, week 6 in the NFL. We were a pick 6, with 24 seconds left, away from having a really great week. We won’t complain though as we put some cash back in the piggy bank. It has been a year where most of these late defensive scores have cost us. That is going to happen. Over the long haul… Read More »

Week 7 Power Rankings

As of October 21, 2014 The difference in two teams power rankings number is what the spread would be if those teams met on a neutral site. These numbers are based on what has happened on the field this season and does not take into account the public perceptions of a team. Offensive Rankings Defensive Rankings Rank Teams Power Rating 1 Indianapolis 33.90 2 Denver 33.48 3 Baltimore 29.62 4… Read More »

Statsational CFB Week 8 $19.95

Non subscribers can get the WEEK 8 college football plays by clicking below to purchase.  Games will be added to the post as the week goes on.  You will have access to every play as they are posted.  Follow on twitter @statsational so you know right away when a game is posted.  In some instances a line may fall into a place we want to take it minutes before kickoff. … Read More »

MP’s Pigskin Picks – NCAA Football Week 8

Week 7 was a tough one for us. Some tough beats (looking at you, BYU!) but 1-4 does not pay the bills, that’s for sure. As we move on to week 8, the national championship picture becomes clearer by the day in every conference except the SEC. The strongest football league in the land remains a huge question mark in the playoff landscape. New #1 Mississippi State’s drubbing of Auburn was… Read More »

MP’s Pigskin Picks – NCAA Football Week 7

Week 6 was a light card for us, and Stanford’s late collapse forced us into a 2-2 split for the weekend. However,  there were a ton of high-profile matchups that shook up the Championship landscape. It all started with Oregon’s home loss to Arizona late on Thursday night. The Ducks did not look like a title contender throughout the horrible performance they threw up against the Wildcats. The more the… Read More »