The NFL Misery Index

Ever wonder which fans have the most to boast about and most to lament about? I created this index to figure out how good it has been to be a fan of your team over the last 20/10/5 years. The calculation is simple; Regular Season Points (5 * # of teams in the division) – (5 * Place finished) Post Season Wild Card loser – 5pts Div Loser – 10… Read More »

The MLB Misery Index

As MLB teams head north to start the season hope springs eternal.  But soon many teams fans will have little to root for as their teams fall far back in the standings.  I wanted to see which fan base in MLB had reason to be boastful about how great it’s been to be a fan of their team over the last x years but also which teams fans deserved to… Read More »

Picking a Bracket Is More Than Just Picking Who You Think Will Win

When the average person fills out a bracket the logic behind each of their picks is “who will win this game?” They will do that for every match-up along the way until they are left with one team standing. Does this sound familiar? I want to go over why this is not the way you should be picking your brackets. Over the last 2 years, I have gotten heavily involved… Read More »

2018 NCAA March Madness – Eliminating Teams From Your Brackets

The NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament is upon us once again and as always I will be breaking down 5 ways you can eliminate some top seeds from consideration. In picking potential final 4 teams and champions I find it much easier to eliminate teams from consideration to narrow down the selections. The criteria we will use to do this are as follows 1. Preseason AP Rankings vs Current Rankings 2.… Read More »

Statsational NFL Win Totals 2017

Once again I will be taking a look at the NFL win total board to see if we can find some bargain prices.  I start the process by running a simulation of each teams schedule based off of last years statistics.  This gives us a good baseline to start from.  Here is the list of every teams Expected Wins and Losses for the season based on those simulations.   Team… Read More »