2014 PGA Championship — Recap

By | August 11, 2014

Some great golf, an odd finish and a disappointing end to some disappointing picks.  The big names showed up, the weather made for great scoring conditions and the best players in the world had their way with the course.  We were up half a unit on the day but the prop bets and the tournament head-to-heads hurt.  Fowler’s lip out on 18 turned a win into a push and Rickie’s travails down the stretch killed a 20-1 win bet.  All the action that closed out today netted a loss of 2.75 units for the day.

Congratulations to Rory.  We feel for you Phil (I agree, the rush to finish was a bad idea and you should have exercised your option to call play for the day).  And to all the handicappers out there, we’re about eight months away from Augusta National.  Enjoy the rest of the season and keep it in the short grass.




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