2015 PGA Championship — Recap

By | August 17, 2015

A great finish to a great tournament.  Nice to see Jason Day finally bring home some major hardware; well deserved after he spent four days lunching on Whistling Straits.  Our reads on this field were very strong.  As usual, I avoided the chalk on the prop bets in favor of some better values but in the end, Koepka and Thomas looked good but not good enough to take down JD.  That notwithstanding, it was a solid performance for the week.  Final tally was +11.3 units, including +8 units on the tournament head-to-head action.  It always feels good to have four days in the black.

If only my DraftKings entry cold have come through for that $1MM.  To my chagrin, placing in the top 0.4% returned a paltry $150 for my sole $20 entry.  And no, I do not feel any better knowing I beat 188,000 people.  I needed to beat about 750 more…

With this, we finish the majors season deep in positive territory and that was without hitting a single prop bet.  Enjoy the FedEx playoffs and the President’s Cup.  We’ll reconvene in April for a tradition like no other.  In the meantime, I’m heading to Pinehurst for a week of golf — all expenses paid by the PGA Championship.



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