2015 US Open — Final Round

By | June 21, 2015

An exciting Saturday at Chambers Bay.  If you were watching along at home, you’d know Jason Day is suffering from Benign Positional Vertigo.  You also know that Greg Norman is a medical expert except he has trouble pronouncing complicated scientific words like “otolith.”  Hey Greg, next time you’re perusing WebMD for information see if you can find a cure for choking.

We also learned that designing sweaters with pictures of the Ryder Cup wasn’t the worst thing Corey Pavin could do.  His commentary is so painfully bad that you forget Jay Delsing, Brad Faxon and Juli Inkster are even on the property.

And, if Louis Oosthuizen could make a ten footer yesterday or he wasn’t dragged down by the two hackers in his Thursday grouping, he’d be winning this open by three right now.

We have a lot of interesting story lines today.  If Spieth, Johnson, Grace or Day are in the mix as they make the turn, expect a generous helping of human interest bloviating from Joe Buck.  That assumes, of course, he can remove his lips from Mike Davis’s ass long enough to talk about anything other than the “wonderful” setup of this moronic course.  There is also the possibility that one of the early times hangs up a number that gets the attention of the lat two groups.  Webb Simpson won at Olympic like that and there are plenty of talented players within 5 of the lead.  Personally, I’m rooting for Shane Lowry.  First, because I relate to fat Irish guys with good touch and I have him in Stats’s Calcutta pool (enormous value bet, trust me on this one).

3-0-0 yesterday.  Might be regression to the mean, might just be dumb luck.  I’d really like more action today.  Drunk and yelling at the TV makes a lot less sense when you have only two bets.  As we have seen this week, there is not a lot of value.  let’s finish strong:

Senden +105 over Warren

Dufner + 105 over Poulter

Best of luck to all,


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