2015 US Open — Recap

By | June 22, 2015

Amazing finish.  Several great charges — none better than Oosthuizen.  DJ had several opportunities to close it out and he didn’t.  Then the putter let him down and the rest is history.  Spieth won with less than his A game — that is a very scary thought for 99% of the guys on tour.

We also finished strong (3-0 Saturday and 2-0 today) but ended the tournament with some overall disappointment (down 2.6 units).  Nicklaus always said he could write off the guys that complained about the course in the US Open.  I guess that goes for handicapping too.


The bad news is that several of my frequent picks (typically undervalued) showed up enough this weekend to get future attention (read fairly valued lines) and there were no chances for us to really capitalize.

To all the fathers out there, (as my wife reminded me today) remember, if you’re a father then by definition you are also a mother fucker.  Happy Father’s Day.

Four weeks to crowning the Champion Golfer of the Year at the Home of Golf.



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