2015 US Open — Round 2

By | June 19, 2015

This course sucks  The greens suck (if there is any doubt, see Sergio’s Twitter feed).  Tiger sucks, but apparently not as much as Fowler.  (I guess there really wasn’t value in Tiger at +5,000.)  I can write that one off now.  Good news is that it was only a quarter unit.

Day one got us off to a slow start.  1-2 on the day but there is still life in the prop bets and the tournament head-to-heads.  We learned a lot on day one.  Weather will matter – high ball hitters experienced difficulty choosing clubs when the wind picked up.  Large elevation changes and mild breezes created problems in gauging distance.  Bumpy greens added an element of randomness and clearly troubled less aggressive putters.  Look for more of the same on Friday.

Morning showers will favor long ball hitters and mudders.  Afternoon winds will favor guys that can keep the ball down.  Looking for a momentum change with the following:

Lowry -104 over Martin

Snedeker +125 over Stenson

Walker -106 over Z Johnson

Unfortunately, we’re having difficulty finding value in the lines — a clear indication that the books are not comfortable with the course either.  If they don’t see an obvious edge, the lines are set to protect against downside losses and that probably means less action than they have seen in prior years.  We’ll keep plugging away but don’t be surprised to see very few picks.

Best of luck to all,


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