2015 US Open — Round 3

By | June 20, 2015

Friday was a wash.  1-1-1 on the day.  Should have been better but Jimmy Walker opened a big bag of suck down the stretch as he threw away a solid lead over ZJ by finishing +4 on his last three holes.  Dy-no-mite Jimmy.

Half of the tournament bets are dead.  Sergio three-putted his last hole right to the other side of the cut line and we’re looking to Dustin Johnson to save us on the prop bets.

The course is playing far more difficult as the day goes on and that could make for some interesting theater.  Saturday is always moving day — look for some heroics (or some crash and burns) from guys in the morning trying to make hay.  And if we’re bunched up on Sunday, an early time out could hang up a number that makes the leaders sweat down the stretch.  In the meantime, this course still sucks and I’m still looking for value.  I’m a glutton for punishment — a few more bites at the apple…

Koepka +117 over Bradley

Horschel +101 over Z Johnson

Oosthuizen -106 over Na

Good luck to all,



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