2016 US Open — Recap

By | June 20, 2016

What a bizarre finish to the Open kids…  Thankfully the phantom penalty on DJ didn’t matter.  (The USGA rules Nazis should be thankful their screw up didn’t taint the tournament.)  Sadly, Lowry slowly bled himself to death with mediocre ball striking and Sergio (as usual) tried to mount a charge only to be sidelined by a few lip outs and an errant drive that decided to tunnel under the lip of  a fairway bunker.  Meanwhile, Branden Grace delivered another loose tee shot coming down the stretch, Furyk’s repaired wrist held up for four days and Scott Piercy looked like Ben Hogan for most of Sunday.

All that returned a very disappointing weekend in the plusfours household.  Off topic, I had Lowry and Westwood in Stats’s Calcutta leading into Sunday.  Now it’s Monday morning and I’m shopping for a new television because I fond out that throwing the remote into the 65″ flat screen can really ruin the picture quality.  The upside of a broken television is that I don’t have to listen to the gaggle of mongoloids on Fox talking about golf.  Paul Azinger sounds like the Ross Perot of commentary.  For a guy so knowledgeable about the game, why must I hear a platitude each of the even holes (“pressure can break a pipe”) and some incoherent butchering of the English language on the odd holes (“how is he going to legislate that”)?  I don’t want to sound like the noxious media critic in the Post but really…  Brad Faxon spent so much time jerking off Jack Nicklaus yesterday that Faxon must have carpal tunnel.  And Joe Buck, on behalf of America, I implore you to just shut the fuck up.  You too Nicklaus.  I am thankful that someone pulled Arnie aside and told him to stay away.  He has not looked good lately and the TV appearances don’t do him any favors.  Be well Mr. Palmer.

As for the predictions, we won more H2Hs than we lost and the dogs helped the bankroll.  Unfortunately, the O/U and prop bets left us slightly negative for the weekend (minus-3 units).  Bets against Bubba were easy money.  Bets against DJ were easy losses.  The mini-fade on Furyk didn’t work, as his surgically repaired wrist withstood the brutal rough of Oakmont.  Actually, it didn’t withstand much.  Furyk was his old self, playing from the fairway all day.  The rest of it comprised ups and downs and some disappointment regarding the inability to get lines and action in the middle rounds due to weather.  Being sequestered here on the east coast makes that tough sometimes.

Pack your rain gear, we’re heading to Troon in four short weeks.  Good news, I saw some things that I liked from off the radar players — last time that happened, we made a fortune with Lowry and Lahiri in the PGA.



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