Statsational, “Stats”,  got his start in gambling at an early age.  Stats dad would bring home football parlay cards and ask him to pick 3 or 4 games he liked.  From that point on he was hooked.  Soon after he would be running office pools in high school and college.  The first week of classes at Lehigh University Stats got to know his floor mates by knocking on each door and asking them who wanted to be in a $10 per week football pool.  Out of college and starting a career on Wall St. Stats continued to bet but like many young bettors he ran into cold streaks that were magnified by poor money management.  When you read Stats or hear him speak on gambling, money management is always at the forefront.  He vowed to never let poor money management cost him his bankroll.  As a professor in a business class once told him, the number one goal of all businesses is to stay in business.  You can not make money if you close your doors.  Same holds true in gambling.  This is a business.  You can not recoup losses if you run out of capital and are out of the game.

Stats always enjoyed numbers and trying to beat the house.  His work over the last 10 years on perfecting trend based sports models led him to this point.  Those who have been following Stats online since 2011 know how well he has done in not only the NFL but NHL, CFB, CBB, NBA and MLB.  Stats puts in over 40 hours a week so you don’t have to.  Winning at sports is a job.  We all think we can pick the right teams since the act of making a bet is so easy and we all know sports so well.  But it is not easy to be profitable.  It takes a lot of work.  Stats and his team work for you so you can enjoy the games.


Statsational welcomes plusfours on board to handicap the major golf tournaments for us.  plusfours has been a golf enthusiast and handicapper ever since he graduated from MIT.  When he is not enjoying time with his family you can be sure to find him on the golf course trying to lower his single digit handicap.   He uses trends, statistics and knowledge of the courses played by the pros to come up with plays on golfers to win as well as head to head matchups for each round and the tournament.  If you love golf and love to bet on it give plusfours a read come major time.


MP’s sports obsession began at a very young age when he started memorizing statistics on the back of baseball cards. As he got older, this combined affinity for math and athletics led to a natural interest in sports betting. After suffering early losses like any beginning sports bettor, he began using his knowledge of statistics to beat the market. Upon graduation from Georgia Tech, MP moved to Las Vegas full time and has been a professional sports bettor ever since.  MP will be posting his plays and insights into games in all sports.  Follow MP on twitter @MWPGT


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