Statsational is both the man and the system.  Designed by “Stats”, a Wall St. professional, Statsational handicaps professional sports using a trend based model.  The system looks at trends over 10-20 years in all the major sports to determine the highest probability outcomes.  The first year the system was put into action was 2011 during the NFL season.  The Statsational NFL plays were posted on both Covers and SBR all year long.  In 207 games posted the system went 122-78-7 for a 61% success rate.  Don’t take our word for it.  Google “Statsational on SBR” and check out the time stamped plays from that season.  The run was remarkable.  In 2012 the Statsational system followed up with a 120-88-9 season in the NFL including 8-1-1 in the post season.

In the book Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong, Mr. Wong writes about sports betting models.  On page 124 he posts a table that is a good guide to knowing if your back tested model is worth pursuing.  For 600 games tested a record of 329-271 is 1:100, 338-262 is 1:1000, 346-254 is 1:10000.  Our record in live NFL betting is 349-255 for a total of 604 games.  The win % is 57.8%.  Our system in a live environment has achieved what only 1:10000 can achieve in a test environment!!  Needless to say we are very proud of the success the system has had over the last 3 seasons.

Statsational is not a typical sports handicapping service.  There is no strong armed selling tactics to try and get you to bet our “game of the year” in the hopes we win and earn your business.  We do not have games of the day, week, month, year, conference etc.  What we do is look to find a small edge and exploit that edge over a long period of time.  Basically flipping the casino model around.  To take advantage you need to play as many games as possible.  We lose quite often, 42.2% of the time over the last 3 years.  Some of those losses have been piled on in the same week.  It is not uncommon to go 3-8 in a week.  We have before and we will again.  What is important is how we do long term.  Being in for a cold spell and getting out before it turns is not what we recommend.  To get a better idea of some money management ideas click here.



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  1. tonyhai Nguyen

    is this code still work EARLY2014.
    I like to purchase Statsational NFL + College Full Season Mega Package.
    would you able to give me $100 discount. been with you in last 3 years.
    Thanks in advance .
    Tonyhai Nguyen


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