The 2016 Open Championship — Final Round

We gave back a little today.   Only one high EV underdog showed up and that wasn’t enough to offset the losses in some close (and sloppy)  matches.   We head into Sunday looking for redemption and hoping for a good finish to the tournament.  One unit each: Lahiring +123 over Watson Noren -115 over Harrington Sullivan +176 over Day Molinari +105 over Kaymer Grillo +176 over McIlroy Best of… Read More »

The Open Championship — Round 3

Another modest win for us on day two.  More winners than losers (again) and the fat underdog lines help to push profits higher on the day.  The cut dropped throughout the day and we enter moving day with a field of 81.  Look for more excitement on Saturday and hopefully more wins with the following: One unit each: Sterne -106 over Jones Woodland -106 over Stricker Lahiri +109 over Grillo… Read More »

The 2016 Open Championship — Round 2

Great first day.  For the first time in 40 years we didn’t have to listen to Ivar Robson announce players with the voice of a six-year old girl.  Monty started with a double then forgot he’s Monty and this is a major.  For a while, we saw the hometown performance he hoped for last two times Troon hosted the Open.  Then he made the turn and came back to level… Read More »

The 2016 Open Championship — Round 1

As usual, the Open Championship is wide open.  Unlike our national championship, links golf, weather and the R&A setup incorporate a lot of randomness into the mix.  This means there are more than just a handful of names in play when it comes time to pick a winner.  Accordingly, I am avoiding the prop bets this year — too much variance and not enough value so there is no reason… Read More »

2016 US Open — Recap

What a bizarre finish to the Open kids…  Thankfully the phantom penalty on DJ didn’t matter.  (The USGA rules Nazis should be thankful their screw up didn’t taint the tournament.)  Sadly, Lowry slowly bled himself to death with mediocre ball striking and Sergio (as usual) tried to mount a charge only to be sidelined by a few lip outs and an errant drive that decided to tunnel under the lip… Read More »