Statsational Week 4 Recap and Week 5 Selections

Not too bad a week for us.  7-5-1 or 8-4 if you got +2.5 on the Giant game.  31-20-3 overall 60.8%.  That is right about where we were after 200 games last season.  So 250 games in and still hitting about 60% is very good.  60% winners in a week doesn’t get people too excited.  The 9-2 weeks are the ones everyone loves but its the weeks like the last… Read More »

NFL Week 3 Recap And Week 4 Picks with Power Rankings

Well that was the kind of week those who have been with me since last season have grown accustomed to.  9-2 is exactly what we needed to give us a bit of a cushion.  I mentioned in last weeks emails we needed the suckers to get hammered this week and they did.  Whenever you see that many home dogs on the board you know the public is going to come… Read More »

NFL Week 3 Picks and Power Rankings

This year I am introducing my own NFL Power Rankings.  Each week I will send along the updated power rankings with the picks. The rankings are strictly statistically based.  The computer has no bias toward any team.  As teams play their schedule the rankings will look to determine who is the best current team based on their performance in each game.  The rankings very well may look differently than the… Read More »

Statsational Week 2 Picks

1 week in the books and we put a couple of bucks in the wallet.  We finish the week 8-5-1 if you bought the half point on Minn or 8-6 straight up.  Either way a profitable week.  The top 4 picks were all winners.  Looking at the LVH Supercontest only 10 entries went 5-0 last week.  63% of the contest were 2-3 or worse.  A lot of very good handicappers… Read More »

Buying 1/2 points

Guys I want to clarify something on the 1/2 point buys. If you can not move off or to a 3, 7 or 10 at 10% juice then do not make the play to buy.  Only do this if you can get 10% juice.  Most of you probably can not get that.  What I am going to do in the future is just put the games with the line most… Read More »