Points Per Game

By | March 4, 2016

Points Per Game

Playing defense is great but you will need to keep pace with great offenses come tournament time.

80 Teams have scored 73 PPG or less coming in to the tournament and had a 1-4 seed. 11 made the final 4 with no champions.

This year there has been a change in the rules.  The shot clock has gone from 35 to 30 seconds.  This has caused more possessions and as such higher scoring.  The average ppg per team since 2010 are as follows

2010-11 : 68.28
2011-12 : 67.25
2012-13 : 66.72
2013-14 : 70.10
2014-15 : 66.76
2015-16 : 72.29

Scoring has increased about 6.6%. If we add 6.6% of 73 to 73 we get an average ppg of 77.8. This is now the number needed to be exceeded in order to be a contender. To be conservative we will round down to 77.5 PPG

Here are the potential 1-5 seeds and their PPG.



Several teams will fall under this threshold this season including two potential 1 seeds, Villanova and Virginia.


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