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By | October 17, 2014

Non subscribers can get the WEEK 8 college football plays by clicking below to purchase.  Games will be added to the post as the week goes on.  You will have access to every play as they are posted.  Follow on twitter @statsational so you know right away when a game is posted.  In some instances a line may fall into a place we want to take it minutes before kickoff.  The fastest way to get the games to you is via a link on twitter.  If you follow @statsational and update the settings on that account to Turn On Mobile Notifications, you will get notified as soon as the games are posted.

Games added since the last update will be in red




October 18

313. Marshall -22.5 W

347. UT San Antonio +12.5 W

349. Southern Miss +10.5 W

355. Nevada +10 W

360. Arizona St +3.5 W

362. Oregon -21 W

379. New Mexico St +5 L

385. Utah St +5.5 W

387. Tennessee +16.5 L

391. Missouri +5.5 W

397. Tulane +19 W



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