Week 6 NFL Rushing and Passing Projections

By | October 9, 2012

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Interesting numbers for this weeks projections on the rushing and passing yardage for each team.

The biggest mismatch of the week from these numbers is Kansas City over Tampa Bay.  Not sure who you would be starting on your fantasy team from TB but it looks like you want to stay clear of them unless Martin is your only option.  On the flip side you have to love Charles in this game, especially if they need to run it more with no Cassell. 

The projected biggest rushing day is San Francisco.  SF has been great running the ball and the Giants have not been able to stop anyone.  Interesting to see Indianapolis projected so high this week.  They are averaging 97.5 per game on the ground but this week against the Jets they are projected for 135.  Look to start Donald Brown.  Another team with a great matchup on the ground is Cincinnati.  Cleveland is averaging 142.4 yards against on the ground.  Benjarvis Green-Ellis should be getting your start.

Some teams who are projected low would be Tennessee.  Chris Johnsons last game was a good one but I would be worried if I was his owner.  At a first round pick I am sure you do not want to sit him but this is not a great matchup against Pittsburgh.  The team with the worst projected rushing total is the St. Louis Rams.  Do not play Steven Jackson if you do not have to.  Miami has been very good against the run so far and the Ram offensive line is not getting it done.  A couple of other low rankers this week are Denver and Cleveland.  Tough to sit Richardson but he is not projected to do much.  He does get value in the passing game however.

If you are looking for guys to start in the passing game the top teams look to be Dallas in Baltimore, Denver in San Diego, Minnesota in Washington, Atlanta home for Oakland, Kansas City at Tampa and Pittsburgh in Tennessee.  Look for all of these offenses to be able to throw it against teams unable to stop the pass thus far.

On the other side of the coin we have the teams that I think will struggle this week throwing it.  Top of the list is Tampa Bay.  As I said before it does not look like it will be a fun day for the TB offense.  Tennessee looks to be a tough spot this week.  Kenny Britt may not be the great sleeper pick people thought.  San Diego may surprise some.  Could be a chance to play your backup QB this week if he is one of the QB’s projected to have a day better than Rivers.

Team  Expected Rushing Total  Expected Passing Total Total Yards
Pittsburgh                                            97                                         293                            390
Tennessee                                            71                                         164                            235
Cincinnati                                          128                                         277                            405
Cleveland                                            77                                         237                            314
Indianapolis                                          135                                         264                            399
NY Jets                                          104                                         230                            334
Kansas City                                          126                                         295                            421
Tampa Bay                                          104                                         132                            236
Oakland                                            94                                         226                            320
Atlanta                                          118                                         312                            430
Dallas                                            80                                         305                            385
Baltimore                                          110                                         221                            331
Detroit                                            98                                         274                            371
Philadelphia                                          120                                         219                            339
St. Louis                                            63                                         215                            279
Miami                                          132                                         217                            349
New England                                          123                                         225                            348
Seattle                                          117                                         208                            325
Buffalo                                          124                                         210                            334
Arizona                                          123                                         252                            376
Minnesota                                          108                                         297                            405
Washington                                          134                                         217                            352
NY Giants                                            92                                         247                            339
San Francisco                                          195                                         233                            428
Green Bay                                            80                                         239                            318
Houston                                          120                                         238                            359
Denver                                            75                                         301                            376
San Diego                                          100                                         190                            290